Five Common Questions about CNC Machining

Five Common Questions about CNC Machining

Five Common Questions about CNC Machining

Many people hear the acronym CNC and are confused about what that actually means.  CNC machining, or Computer Numerical Controlled machining, is a way to create products using automated cutting machines and 3D printers.  This is done in order to create production parts or prototypes using a variety of precision cutting tools.  At Limea Precision, we use specialized CNC swiss machining to create many parts and products for our clients.  Let's take a look at some of these common questions about CNC machining so that you can better understand the process.

How does CNC machining work?

This is a manufacturing process that uses computer software to move machines and tools that are used for cutting and creating.  This pre-programmed computer software can control a range of equipment, like grinders, mills, and routers.  Using a set of controls and prompts, the computers will create three-dimensional parts and prototypes.

How precise is CNC machining?

One of the major benefits of using CNC swiss machining to create your parts is that the process is incredibly precise. The code generator in the software will prompt the machines to produce highly precise results. These machines can typically cut in more than one direction at the same exact time, which also produces reliable and quick results.

Is CNC machining automated?

The process is most automated with the assistance of computer software.  An individual will need to input the dimensions and prompts in a CAD, or computer-aided design, program.  This will then begin the process of creating parts using the manufacturing software, or CAM.  Our machines will then typically perform several different functions at the same time in order to prevent the need for re-prompting and use of more than one software program.

What types of machines are used?

There are a variety of CNC machines that are commonly used to create parts.  The CNC mill helps to guide pieces across distances, and it is controlled with number- and letter-based prompts.  Lathe machines cut pieces in a circular direction, which produces results with high precision and at a high velocity.  Plasma cutters use a plasma torch to cut mainly metal materials.  Other machines, such as routers, water jet cutters, and grinders can be CNC machines as well.

What other jobs can CNC machines perform?

CNC machines are great for cutting any material that requires intricate detail.  These machines can also be used in manufacturing many types of industrial hardware products.  Also, there are embroidery machines, foam cutters, and glass cutters that work with particular materials.

These are some of the most common questions that many of our clients ask us about CNC machining.  We use our CNC swiss machining practices to create quality, reliable, and custom product parts and prototypes to meet your needs.  Contact us to hear about how we can assist you with your CNC machining needs today.

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