How to Care for and Maintain Your CNC Machines

How to Care for and Maintain Your CNC Machines

How to Care for and Maintain Your CNC Machines

CNC machines are high-quality and high-end machines that can perform precise cuts.  These machines are typically used to create product parts that are used in manufacturing and industrial settings, such as prototypes or large-scale productions.  Because CNC machines are an expensive piece of equipment, you will want to be sure to keep up with the proper maintenance and care to keep it operating properly.  There are a few maintenance tasks that you'll want to do to keep your CNC machines in optimal shape so they last longer and provide your customers with quality products.

Perform Basic Cleaning Each Day

After each day in the shop, you will want to wipe down the exterior surface of the machines and remove any chips that have build-up in or around the machine.  Wipe down the viewport to clear any debris from the window.  Doing these small tasks each day will prevent dirt, grime, and sludge from building up and damaging your machine.

Be Sure to Check Fluid Levels

Each day, you will also want to check on the fluid levels in the CNC machines that you used during the work day.  Inspect to make sure that the machine isn't leaking any hydraulic fluid.  Also, refill the lubricant if you notice it is getting low.  Typically, you won't need to refill these fluid levels each day, but you still want to check on their levels to make sure they are adequate for the next day's work.

Log Your Maintenance Tasks

To keep track of the maintenance that is performed on your CNC machines, you should keep a maintenance log.  These act as a communication device to keep all of the employees on the same page when it comes to care for the machines.  If you forget to write something down, someone else may end up performing the same exact tasks.  Also, this is a great way to track any issues or problems that may occur.

Perform an In-Depth Inspection Twice a Year

Every six months, you will want to take more time to do a thorough inspection of the machines.  Clean all of your coolant tanks and fluid reservoirs, and then refill everything once you are done.  Take the machine's tool fixtures apart and thoroughly clean them before reassembly.  If anything seems out of shape or if any issues have been arising, order and replace any spare parts.  It is helpful to keep a stash of spare parts on hand in case the machine has issues during the job.

These are just a few of the maintenance tasks that you'll want to perform to keep your CNC machines in great shape.  If you neglect maintenance of your CNC machines, you can actually cause it to break or malfunction on the job.  Take the time to care for your heavy-duty machines, and you'll be able to better serve your customers with high-quality products.  Contact us to hear about how we take care of our machines today.

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