Five Advantages of CNC Turning

Five Advantages of CNC Turning

Five Advantages of CNC Turning

Computer Numerical Control, or CNC, has become the industry standard for manufacturing complex parts that are used for a wide variety of purposes, such as aircrafts, electronics, military, industrial, agriculture, transportation, and much more.  These products can actually be used in virtually every aspect of life, which makes the process of CNC machining important to understand.  There are many techniques involved in the CNC manufacturing process, including CNC turning.  CNC turning actually involves rotation that aims to remove material to create a desired shape.  There are a few advantages of CNC turning that you want to know about.

Works at High Speeds

Manual turning methods can take a long time to accomplish.  CNC turning, however, is automated using computer software to create products at high speeds.  This leads to increased production speed and efficient practices, which will give you many more products in a much shorter amount of time.   When you are looking to have the job done right, done fast, and done precisely, you want to use CNC machining to do it.

Versatile Options

CNC turning is done using CNC lathes, which are machines that remove the material until the desired look and diameter is achieved.  This allows you to produce parts with both external and internal features, like slots and threads.   CNC turning allows you to choose many different options for customization, and there are a few different types of CNC lathes to match your requirements and specifications.    

Many Types of CNC Turning Centers

The customization options don't stop there.  The CNC turning machines offer different turning centers to produce products that meet your requirements.  They use tooling options that allow for diameter limitations, tooling options, speed capabilities, and speed options that take into account the configuration you need for your products.

 Efficient Production Method

CNC turning is also an efficient production method for producing intricate and complex parts that require both internal and external specifications.  The machine will work non-stop as long as there is a machinist there to continue feeding it material.  Because of the automation of CNC machining, you will only need to program the software one time, and then the machine can create hundreds of the same, precisely-cut parts and products.

Has Many Applications

Many industries use CNC machining methods to create their products.  This ranges from agriculture, to aerospace, to transportation.  This is partly because CNC turning has a wide variety of applications.  These applications include thread rods, valves, fittings, forgings, fastings, shafts, sockets, and many more.

These are some of the main advantages of using CNC turning to create your products.  Before you choose the right method to create your product, you will want to consult with the experts in CNC Swiss machining to take into account all the variables involved in the process.  Contact the professionals at Limea Precision to hear how we can help you with your products today.

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