Five Safety Tips for CNC Machine Shops

Five Safety Tips for CNC Machine Shops

Five Safety Tips for CNC Machine Shops

CNC Swiss machining is a wonderful spectacle. You can watch a formless hunk of material become purposeful under a flawlessly executed program that took hours of designing. Even if you just focus on the complex tools, you find yourself amazed by the wonders of these machines.   These machines may be amazing, but they are also dangerous without the right safety practices in place.  These are a few safety tips to follow when working with CNC Swiss machining equipment.

Wear Proper Eye Protection

While admiring your limbs and appendages, consider your eyesight. While the gift of sight is a wonderful thing, your eyes are quite delicate. That is why the first safety tip you should consider in a CNC Swiss machining shop is eye protection. There is never a reason why you shouldn't be wearing goggles around heavy machinery. This goes for CNC machines too, even though they are tightly sealed, machinery can be temperamental. No one wants chips of scorching hot metal shooting into their eyes, so keep them guarded.

Protect Your Feet

Next, we want to protect another important part of your body. Your feet. While footwear is common nowadays, there are individuals who feel flip-flops, crocs, slides, and sandals are appropriate workplace attire. When working with CNC Swiss machinery, you need to protect your feet.


Machine guarding is important for good reason. CNC machinery is built for specific reasons:  cutting, bending, sculpting, and drilling heavy materials. What does that have to do with the guarding? Well, you know what is softer than the materials being cut and bent?  Human flesh. These machines aren't toys, they aren't accident-proof or danger-proof. They will make your hands look like hamburger if you aren't careful. This can lead to major financial ramifications for shop owners as well.

Watch Any Jewelry or Long Hair

While your hanging jewelry may be the latest trend, it is a hazard at work when you are working with CNC machinery. The same can be said for long hair. If you have hair, chains, earrings, eyelash extensions, or some other ridiculous dangling object attached to your person, you are asking to get into a bad situation. Tie up your hair, wear fitting clothes, and avoid loose jewelry when you are in the machine shop.

Set Safety Standards

You should always have rules and standards in place that regulate the safety of those in your shop. List requirements for working with the machines, tips for safety, and provide extra safety equipment when able. We are more fragile than the materials we work with, keep that in mind. Follow these tips, be safe, and always remember that your appendages are important.

These are a few of the safety tips you should follow in any CNC Swiss machining shop.  If you are looking for a quality CNC machine ship to partner with, contact Limea Precision to hear more today.

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