Five Types of Machines Used in CNC Machining

Five Types of Machines Used in CNC Machining

Five Types of Machines Used in CNC Machining

CNC machining is a technology that allows many products to be created in large quantities, without worrying about the potential of human error.  These machines have the capabilities to perform better and more precisely than many human-led processes.  CNC, or computer numerical control, machines are broadly used in manufacturing industries. They have become much more popular in these current years.  CNC machines are devices controlled through a computer, which allows manufacturers to automate many production operations that would otherwise have to be performed manually.  There are many types of machine that are used in the CNC machining industry.

CNC Lathe Machine

Lathe CNC machines are able to turn materials while they are operating, which allows for more intricate designs to be created. They have a fewer number of axes than CNC milling machines, making them shorter and extra compact.  Currently, lathes are easy to manage once you get used to them.  Once the initial setup is finished, a semi-skilled employee can manage this machine easily. This type of lathe is also used for mass manufacturing, like many other CNC machines.

CNC Electric Discharge Machine

Electric discharge machining, or EDM for short, includes developing a particular shape inside a material by using electric discharges or sparks.  In this process, the material is removed from a particular work piece by a sequence of recurring electric discharges among electrodes. These electrodes are separated by a dielectric fluid, which frequently receives an electric voltage. In this machine, the material is placed among electrodes, and the machine then calculates to see the quantity of electric discharge every electrode needs to produce.  This results in a shape-within-a-shape, which is helpful when it comes to mass producing small and intricate parts.

CNC Drilling Machine

The CNC drilling machine is generally implemented for mass production. Drilling machines may require some maintenance, as they sometimes get twisted because of their many parts.  As the quickest machine to use for drilling holes, these include several spindles in the turret with drills of various diameters. This kind of CNC machine can carry out reaming, counter boring, and tapping holes.

CNC Laser Machine

The CNC laser-cutting machines are designed to cut thru hard materials like iron.  Not surprisingly, they use a laser to perform this task rather than a plasma torch.  Lasers provide a high degree of accuracy, but they're not as powerful as plasma torches.  

CNC Machine with Automatic Tool Changes

An automatic device changer CNC machine is implemented to increase the tool carrying capability and manufacturing price of the machine.  It is also used to improve the machine’s capacity to work with a number of tools.  This kind of CNC machine changes the tool very quickly and easily handles and change worn out or damaged tools.  The most beneficial aspect of this CNC machine is that it reduces non-productive time.

These are a few of the types of machines that are used in CNC machining.  When you are looking to partner with a quality company that offers CNC machining services, contact Limea Precision to hear more today.

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