Four Advantages of Horizontal Milling Machines

Four Advantages of Horizontal Milling Machines

Four Advantages of Horizontal Milling Machines

Are you wondering what capacity you have with your current CNC machines?  Do you want to increase the productivity of your CNC machining shop with the right equipment and technology?  Although you need to stick to a budget when you are stocking your shop, you will also want to choose the right technology to get the jobs done and increase your abilities to create more products for your clients.  This may mean paying more for machines that are durable and offer many capabilities.  The horizontal mill may be a more expensive machine, and this may initially scare you from making the purchase, but you should know about some of the perks it offers.  There are many advantages of a horizontal milling machine.

They Are More Efficient

One of the reasons that horizontal mills are more expensive is because they are built for more volume.  Your vertical CNC milling machines are able to handle low bundles of production, but when you are looking to increase your productivity, horizontal mills will be the best for the big jobs.  Horizontal mills also have a two-pallet work-changer, which prevents any disruptions in workflow.  These machines are both easy and efficient.

They Are Sturdier Machines

It is no surprise that horizontal milling machines are also much sturdier than vertical milling machines.  They are constructed using a rigid box way design, which increases the rigidity and decreases the wear and tear of the machines.  As a machine that needs to absorb vibration and deflection when it is operating, you want to invest your money in a sturdy and durable machine that will last.  Horizontal milling machines meet all these criteria.

They Offer Increased Precision

When you offer CNC machining services, you want to be as precise as possible when creating products or parts for your clients.  The horizontal milling machine will get the job done quickly without compromising the precision.  This is a win-win when manufacturing a large contract for a client.

They Will Increase Your Revenue

Because these horizontal milling machines have the capability to produce at a much higher efficiency, they will help lead to an increased revenue in your shop.  You will be able to take on larger contracts and still complete them in a timely-manner, which increases productivity and profitability.  Also, the sturdiness and durability of these machines will also require less time and money for maintenance.  If you are looking to grow your CNC machining shop quickly, the investment in a horizontal milling machine will be well-worth your money.

These are just a few of the advantages of using a horizontal milling machine to take care of your CNC machining responsibilities.  When you are considering the best technology for your job, you will want to do your research to find the right tools for your particular jobs.  Contact Limea Precision to hear about our range of CNC milling and CNC machining services today.

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