Four Facts about CNC Machines

Four Facts about CNC Machines

Four Facts about CNC Machines

CNC machines make the product on the computer screen come to life.  CNC, which stands for computer numerical control, involves creating a programmed design that is then created using a series of machines.  This is a popular way to create and manufacture many product parts simultaneously with high precision and removal of human error.  CNC machining is becoming widely popular, not only with manufacturing companies, but also with the general consumer.  Here are a few facts about CNC machining and what it offers.

3D Printers are CNC Machines

Did you know that 3D printers are actually considered CNC machines?  These printers allow engineers to design a part using computer software that will then tell the printer exactly what to do to create it.  This technology has been so impactful that people are even printing two-story houses with them.  In CNC machining shops, however, we primarily use 3D printers to print prototypes before we create the real products.  This gives us a feel for that product will look like before we commit to manufacturing hundreds or thousands of the real thing.

Many People Work in CNC Machining

CNC machining is a large industry that requires the technical expertise of many individuals.  From programmers to software engineers to technicians, we all work together to create the final product for our clients.  Some people are trained to handle the equipment and make repairs, and these operators tend to work on the floor with the machines.  Others, however, only work behind the computer screen to provide programming and software expertise that makes the machines start the actual work.  All of these professionals are needed for the process to work.

There are Many Types of Machines

CNC machines use a variety of arms, blades, and technology to perform certain jobs.  Because these jobs rely on specific angles or cuts to be made, there are many different machines used in the industry.  From CNC milling to CNC routers, the type of machine that is used depends on the cuts, angles, and materials that are needed to create your product.  

CNC Machines Are Becoming More Affordable

As the technology increases, the prices of these machines decrease.  At one point, these machines were once tens of thousands of dollars, but now they are manufactured to cost only a few hundred.  Because of their affordability, they are now being used by the general consumer.  Industrial models, of course, are more heavy-duty and typically only used in CNC machine shops.

These are a few facts that can help you better understand the role of CNC machining and what it offers.  CNC machining is becoming a highly popular industry that allows manufacturers to create hundreds or thousands of product parts in a quick and efficient manner.  The precision that is offered by these machines removes human error.  Contact the machinists at Limea Precision to hear about how we can help you with your product parts today.

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