Four Tips from Successful CNC Machine Shops

Four Tips from Successful CNC Machine Shops

Four Tips from Successful CNC Machine Shops

Some machine shops have risen to the top of the industry in just a few years.  These companies have proven to be highly effective and tend to grow faster than the others in the industry of CNC swiss machining. These shops have shown amazing results.  After examining these successful shops, we have noticed reoccurring themes. Here are some tips that you can take away from these businesses on how to be more successful with CNC machining.

Have A Robust Business Process

One thing that these successful businesses had in common was the robust business systems, processes, and an intense focus on the people that make those processes run. Their processes are designed to run every single aspect that their business has. They do this so the owner can get out of working inside the business and work on the business instead.

Constantly Improve

If you take anything away from these successful CNC machining businesses, then take away this; Always be improving your business. Always work on reducing costs, waste, and variability in the process that the business is ran by. By focusing on these aspects and constantly improving, you are investing in the bottom line of the business. You are putting an effort towards business growth. The successful businesses that are always improving, they work hard with their employees to always move forward as a whole.

Establish Community at Work

While they say you are there to work and not make friends, and to an extent that is true, you need to have a community in your workplace. It is a culture that you adapt with the people you recruit to invest into your business. They work and invest time so you can work and invest in them. So, have values instilled into your business. Working on execution, kindness, trust, team care, respect, inclusion, autonomy, and others will ensure that your business will thrive in many aspects.  Work on a vision and mission statement.

Always Invest Focus into Sales

Probably the most important tip we can take away from these successful shops is in order to stay profitable, always be selling. Don't sell only when things get slow, just to find yourself struggling to stay profitable after you stop to fill the sold orders. It will kill your business to do it this way. Instead focus on sales and marketing consistently. This way you can establish a steady stream of good RFQs. While it is easier on paper than it is in practice, it is still a habit you should focus on developing.

These are some tips from some of the most successful CNC swiss machining shops in the industry.  To grow your shop, you should invest in the right resources, employees, and equipment.  Contact Limea Precision to hear about our shop strategies and capabilities today.

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