Industries and Applications that Benefit from Swiss Screw Machined Parts

Industries and Applications that Benefit from Swiss Screw Machined Parts

Industries and Applications that Benefit from Swiss Screw Machined Parts

Fast production times, accuracy, and reduced variable costs make Swiss machining the choice process for various industries and applications.  Aerospace, electronics, defense, automotive, and medical devices are just a few of the industries and applications that choose high-precision metal machined parts and components. Our experts offer the following overview of these industries and their relevant applications for Swiss machined parts.


The secure and safe operation of aerospace engines and other equipment depends on CNC Swiss machined parts and components. Precision machined parts and components are featured in the fabrication of various mechanical parts for spacecraft and aircraft wheels, motors, and wings. The state-of-the-art process is also used for manufacturing many electrical components used in cockpit control panels.

The use of precision machined parts helps ensure that products exceed the aerospace industry’s rigorous specifications, including exceptional finishes and ultra-tight tolerances. The most common materials used for parts and components in the aerospace industry typically include aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel.


Consumer-rated electronic products contain parts and components that benefit from the intricate forming and exacting tolerances offered by Swiss machining. In electronics, precision machining processes are required to create components like mounts, fine threaded screws, connectors, lens housings, and mounts.

Additionally, the specialized equipment used in semiconductor-based device manufacturing benefits from the precise machining of critical components in printed circuit boards, electronic panels, interfaces, and controls.

As smartphones, tablets, computers, and other consumer-rated electronic devices become more intricate and compact, Swiss screw machined parts will continue to offer the tightest tolerances, top-notch precision, increased quality, and smoothest finishes available in the industry.


The unmatched accuracy of Swiss machining makes it ideally suited for the complex geometries needed for components and parts used in defense on tanks, helicopters, ships, missiles, and aircraft, where advanced end-use functionality must be guaranteed.

Swiss screw machines easily handle the creation of precise parts and components. Swiss precision machining is applied to a wide range of materials used in the defense manufacturing process, including copper, brass, stainless steel, titanium, and specific plastic types. These quality manufactured materials are transformed into tight tolerance components and parts for applications without any room for mistakes.


Swiss screw machined parts are utilized in the automotive industry to create fuel injection components, bushings, housings, shafts, pins, brake system components, suspension parts, and timing covers. Precision Swiss machining provides automotive OEMs with reliable and accurate parts and components.

Medical devices

Growing demand for tighter tolerances, increased precision, and smaller components make precision machining processes essential in the medical sector. Swiss machining is exceptionally suited for parts and components like pull rings, complex hinges, electrodes, anchors, and parts and components used in a wide range of medical devices and instruments in the surgical, diagnostic, and drug delivery industries.

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