Seven Products That Can Be Made Using CNC Machines

Seven Products That Can Be Made Using CNC Machines

Seven Products That Can Be Made Using CNC Machines

Do you have knowledge of computer software that is used to program CNC machines?  Are you looking for things to create with your CNC machining skills?  Whether you have access to heavy duty industrial grade CNC machines or you have a consumer-grade cutting machine, there are many things that you can make using these skills.  Here are a few of the most popular products that can be made using CNC machines.


Many people use CNC machines to cut signs.  These can be used for businesses, homes, or industrial settings.  Because the CNC machines allow you to cut intricate designs flawlessly, many people like to create signs that have 3D elements or pop-up letters or words that stand out.  These machines allow you to cut from many angles, which makes the sign creation process much simpler.

Phone Cases

Many companies actually create their phone cases using CNC machines.  From creating designs that meet a specific set of dimensions to creating special designs and elements, like pop-socket features, you can make your phone case vision come to life with the use of these machines.


Keychains are another popular accessory that are created using these machines.  You can make a wide range of keychain styles and designs using the same machine, as these machines can be used to cut many angles, materials, and styles.


These machines are frequently used to cut leather and other heavier fabrics to make many different accessories, including wallets and purses.  Typically, consumer-grade CNC machines will even allow you to cut these materials without much expertise or knowledge.  You can create your design using the right dimensions, and the machine will do all the work for you.


Jewelry can be difficult, and time-consuming, to cut by hand.  However, it can be made much easier using a CNC cutting machine.  These machines allow you to cut various materials, metals, and leathers to produce even the most intricately designed jewelry.  You can make anything from earrings to statement necklaces to bracelets.

Product Parts

When you work with industrial-grade CNC machines, like CNC milling and CNC turning, you will be able to create heavy-duty product parts that are used primarily in manufacturing.  This allows you to cut many different types of metals and heavier materials using the software programs that operate the machines.

Interior Decorations

Many people use their CNC machines to make interior decorations, like signs, photo frames, free-floating shelves, quotes, or other knick-knacks that they can use to enhance their home.  This allows them to design a unique decorative item that they can personalize or customize to their specific space or style.

These are just some of the countless products that can be made using CNC machining, skills, and software.  When you have access to these machines, you will be able to create virtually anything.  As a company that offers industrial-grade CNC machining, we specialize in creating product parts for manufacturing.  Contact the professionals at Limea Precision to hear more about our CNC process today.

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