The Benefits and Uses of Swiss CNC Machining

The Benefits and Uses of Swiss CNC Machining

The Benefits and Uses of Swiss CNC Machining

Over the past 20 years, the use of Swiss machining has dramatically increased across a wide variety of industries. Though Swiss machining equipment is often pricier than other types of CNC machines, the benefits of Swiss machining are extensive and backed by the rapid expansion of consumer demand.

Limea Precision uses CNC Swiss machining daily for most of our specialized production operations. Swiss machining is utilized to design the most intricate components available on the market. Swiss machined parts are actively used in aircraft, military satellites, aerospace engineering, medical devices, optical equipment, food manufacturing, and many other essential industries. The high-quality components we manufacture using the Swiss machining process provide consumers with peace of mind knowing that their parts have been manufactured with the highest quality materials and techniques available anywhere. Machining experts offer these amazing benefits of choosing Swiss machines for producing all of your business’s components.

Swiss machines consistently perform more complex and extensive machining operations than other types of CNC machining systems. In addition, these specialized machines can operate effortlessly with laser accuracies even under tolerances as tight as a few micrometers. This incredible accuracy is because Swiss machines use a collet and guide brushing with tooling movement across the Z-axis. Other CNC machines have a much more simplistic structure that regularly leads their operations to produce much lower quality outcomes. Swiss machine’s unique tooling movements can handle even the most slender components with unmatched ease and accuracy.

Swiss Machining operations can be completed much more rapidly than other types of machining because most Swiss machines are equipped with a secondary spindle and the primary operating spindle that helps combine several operations into one seamless process. For example, the secondary spindle will collect a component as it is cut and carefully transfer it to the second operation before dropping it into a collection bin once the process is complete. This automated transfer ability entirely eliminates the need for technicians to physically move components between operations. In addition, most Swiss machines have live tooling capabilities that are well-known for significantly increasing production process speed. With Swiss machining, rotary cutters can work independently of the main spindles and offer an increased level of intricacy during the machining process, along with a measurably decreased final production time.

Limea Precision's CNC Swiss machining process can improve accuracy for slender and complex components with excellent efficiency and superior speed. In addition, we ensure constant quality control with regular and continued maintenance on all of our specialized equipment. Our strict maintenance schedule works to ensure peak machine conditions and allows for excellence in all of our manufacturing processes and products.

If you have rapid production schedules that require complex components, Limea Precision has got you covered. Contact us today for more information on how our CNC machined parts can provide you with better quality components than your current component supplier. With over 30 years of experience, we are your source for CNC-type screw machined parts and screw machined products.

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